Graduate Supervision

If you’re curious or knowledgeable about the Western, related genres, literary celebrity, or twentieth and twenty-first century Canadian poetry or fiction, I would be happy to talk with you about your graduate research. I'm especially interested to hear from you if you would like to do a Master's degree related to the pulp fiction collection at Library and Archives Canada.

Because I have federal funding (a SSHRC Insight Development Grant) for 2017-19, I can now support PhD and MA students who are interested in doing research with me and learning in our graduate program.

Here are some ideas for research that I would be happy to discuss with prospective applicants and develop with students (among many ideas from you that I would be equally happy to discuss):

  • distant reading and stylometrics for poetry
    • e.g., stylistic analysis of a period or career
  • industrial technologies in Canadian Westerns
    • e.g., the gold rush, mining, oil drilling
  • Canadian literature "on the waves," e.g., radio, TV, music
    • e.g., writers with careers as both poets and singers
  • public intellectuals in, of, and toward Canada
    • e.g., political orientation of PIs in literature

Although education at the Master’s and doctoral levels is a challenge without guaranteed outcomes, it is often personally and intellectually formational, and not coincidentally enjoyable. Prospective students might begin by raising questions about the pros and cons with me, and, through correspondence or conversation about what fascinates us, start to imagine or refine a beneficial project. I am also open to discussions about funding.