My research

My research looks at how we learn to live well in the world, that is, how we are taught to think/experience/do health. In other words, I am interested in the ways that we are constantly learning about ideas of health and healthy living through informal and formal learning contexts, such as the mass media, health care, sport, and education. Most recently, my research program focuses on exploring health discourses, with a special interest in the role of health-related stigma.

Through my research on stigma, I hope to work with schools, communities, healthcare professionals, and policy makers to address, design and implement strategies aimed at reducing stigma, like weight stigma, so that everyone feels encouraged to lead healthy, active lives.

STUDENTS: I am currently seeking undergraduate and graduate students with a broad interest in health education and promotion research on topics including, but not limited to, stigma, critical obesity studies, body studies, gender, food security, mental health, and wellness. However, I also welcome ideas from potential students on a broad range of research topics. I encourage potential students to review my work in order to establish whether research interests align. I am very pleased to support student-driven research. Students interested in my work should email me with their CV and a summary briefly indicating the ways in which they believe their research interests align. Students interested in learning more about the HIPP Collaborative should also email me.