Family history

Born: Edmonton Alberta Royal Alexandra Hospital, February 16, 1957 to a 37 year old widow stenographer: Josephine Welch and mother of 2 children (7 year old George, 5 year old Maureen). Father was a 35 year old married machine shop manager (Grant Arbuckle). My name was Baby boy Welch # 76166. Welch was the name of Josephine's late husband. Her maiden name was Kuck whose family originally lived in Aachen Germany and were needle makers.

Adopted: February 26, 1957 by George (1922-1998) and Mary Behm (1925-1987). Dad was in the Signal Corp of the Army (eventually served 32 years) and Mom was a typical housewife of the 50s and 60s. Two sisters were added to the family; Arlene Ann (born 1958) and Barbara Elena (born 1963). Both sisters presently live in Regina.

The Behms came from the Volga Deutsch who were German peasant immigrants brought to Russia in the mid 1750s by Czarina Katarina the Great. Florian Behm my grandfather moved to Canada in 1912 and settled in Saskatchewan. He moved around during the depression times from Saskatchewan to Alberta to the northern United States and back to Saskatchewan to continue farming.

Family Postings: Edmonton 0-3 yrs---Camp Petawawa (Pembroke Ont.) 3-4 yrs---Ottawa 4-6 yrs---Edmonton 7-9 yrs---Vancouver 9 yrs---Ottawa 10-22 yrs (St. Pius X High School and University of Ottawa), family moved to Regina in 1979 and I stayed at the University of Ottawa till 1980 to finish B. Physical Education and B. Education

Career Moves: Ottawa---Lennoxville PQ (Bishop's University: football and hockey coach)---Halifax NS (manager: Burnside Athletic Club, started Masters at Dalhousie University)---Regina Saskatchewan (University of Regina: lecturer)---Hamilton Ont. (McMaster University; M.Sc.)---Montreal Quebec (McGill University; Ph.D.)---St. John's Newfoundland (Memorial University of Newfoundland; Professor)

Marriage: April 8, 1999 to Joanne Charlene Soper of Carbonear, Newfoundland, daughter of Charles and Joan Soper, sister to Steven. Our beautiful, vivacious and delightful daughter Anna Sophia Mary Behm was born on September 26, 2002 at 10 AM at the Janeway Hospital in St. John's, Newfoundland.

Reunion: On March 9, 2006, I phoned my birth mother Josephine Welch and spoke to her for the first time (not counting my probable wailing on the day of my birth). The Alberta government had released birth records the year before and when I discovered they were available was able to locate my mother at the same address that she had lived at since my birth. I met her personally that May and we are in contact by phone every 1-2 weeks.

Summary: Hence one might say I had a mother, then I was an orphan (first 10 days) then a new mother and father, then an orphan again (after 1998) and then a mother again in 2006. I will be forever grateful to my adopted parents for loving and caring for me for all those years and thankful to my birth mother for not aborting me and allowing me to live a full and wonderful life.