Dr. Chris Parrish

Dr. Chris C. Parrish
Bachelors: B.Sc. Wales

Doctoral: Ph.D. Dalhousie

Telephone: (709) 864-3225

E-mail: cparrish@mun.ca

Website: http://www.mun.ca/osc/cparrish/index.php

*****Open positions – Postdoctoral Fellow******

Research Interests:

I work at the interface of chemistry and biology in the area of aquatic lipid research. Lipids are of particular interest in marine research as they are very important energy sources in ocean (especially cold ocean) ecosystems, and some (e.g., polyunsaturated fatty acids) are essential for normal cellular function. Some lipids are also toxic to marine organisms, and all lipids are potential solvents for lipophilic pollutants like PAHs, PCBs, and DDT. They can thus provide a means of transporting pollutants through the water column and into and through food webs.