My research explores the impact of physical activity on health outcomes within the community, across the lifespan. The focus is primarily on the psycho-social benefits of physical activity and the positive impact on health for children, youth and older adults.

I am collaborating with Drs. Fabien Basset and Jeannette Byrne (HKR), Dr. Tracey Bridger (Faculty of Medicine, Memorial) Ms. Anne Wareham (psychologist, Janeway Hospital) and Dr. Melanie Keats (Dalhousie University) on a variety of projects exploring physical literacy, active video games, exercise adherence and health promoting behaviours.

As a course instructor I am committed to fostering student engagement and developing responsive problem solvers. In a continuing quest to meet these objectives I am working with Dr. TA Loeffler (HKR) and Ms. Joan Butler (DELTS) to enhance learning through ePortfolios within the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation. This research project has significant implications for both HKR and the larger Memorial community.