Medicinal Chemistry
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Welcome to our Homepage! Here there is information on some of my research interests and activities in Computational Chemistry and Structural Biochemistry.

My computer lab is located at the School of Pharmacy in Memorial University of Newfoundland.
Our research is mainly focused on Computer-Aided Drug Design, computational prediction and engineering of complex biological macromolecules and analysis of their dynamical mechanism of actions in atomic level. 
In this approach, bioinformatics and experimental biochemical data are combined and the efforts are conducted to address fundamental problems in structural and functional biology. The outcomes are applied to target-based drug design, aiming to develop potent novel therapeutic agents with fewer side effects.

Our projects are interdisciplinary and at the interface of Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Biophysics and Computing Science. If you are interested in learning more about these, please contact Dr. Alisaraie.

Email: laleh [dot] alisaraie [at] mun [dot] ca